Conference profile

Present coronavirus propels to reshape the global economic pattern. Global circulation and realignment of financial resources will certainly promote the emergence and rise of new science and innovation industries and trigger a new round of investment. Therefore, it’s a pressing task to set up an authoritative, open, pragmatic and international cooperation platform to facilitate exchanges between real economy professionals and venture capital investors.

Qingdao 2020 Global Venture Capital Online Conference is scheduled on May 8-9, 2020. We host this event to further consolidate and deepen results of the previous Conference, build a city led by technology and present Qingdao as a hub of global venture capital and industrial Internet. Empowered by advanced technologies such as 5G, this webinar will make “1,000 people in the same screen, 10,000 people in the same group and 100,000 audiences online”. The Conference features government leaders, economists, entrepreneurs and investment elites worldwide and is bound to act as an open platform to embrace more industries and sectors.

The theme of Qingdao 2020 Global Venture Capital Online Conference is “A New Platform for International Cooperation, A New Opportunity for Technological Innovation”. Influential attendees of the previous Conference will meet again to discuss in-depth cooperation. In addition, Qingdao 2020 Global Venture Capital Online Conference will accommodate almost 100 heavyweight economists, entrepreneurs and investment elites worldwide. Among them, there will be Nobel Prize winners in economics, venture capital leaders at home and beyond, and well-known scholars to analyze new investment opportunities.

Global Venture Capital Conference has its origin in Qingdao, the third largest city in northern China. Qingdao Municipal Government successfully played host to the First Global (Qingdao) Venture Capital Conference on May 9-10, 2019 with the care and guidance of the Asset Management Association of China. The event caught widespread attention and was highly recognized all over the world. The event aimed to accelerate construction of the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Demonstration Zone for Local Economic and Trade Cooperation in Qingdao, conduct in-depth reforms and major innovations of the Qingdao Area of China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) , build a new platform for international cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative and speed up profound infusion of startup investment, venture capital and science. Important guests from a number of nations and representatives of over 30 domestic first-line institutional investors were invited to discuss the development prospects of venture capital in Qingdao. The Conference also announced Ten Policies to Promote the Development of Venture Capital and initiated the establishment of the large-scale Qingdao Science and Innovation Fund of Funds (FOF). Such moves caught widespread attention and were highly recognized.

Apart from keynote speeches, a number of prominent sessions will be included, such as release of the Global Venture Capital Yearly White Paper, key venture capital partnership roadshow, special topic release, important area promotion. And again, a number of innovative features are added to enable online contract signing, media interview, business card exchange and consecutive screen sharing. We are poised to pursue collaboration in a very open manner and promote international financial stability and sustained economic growth.


More guests to be confirmed

Lei Hong

Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice-Chairman of Asset Management Association of China (AMAC)

Bo Que

Member of CPC Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Hui Li

Member of CPC Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)

Yumeng Wu

Editorial Board Member of 2020 Global Venture Capital Yearly White Paper

Ruimin Zhang

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Haier Group .

Gang Fan

Vice Chairman of China Society of Economic System Reform, Chairman of China Reform Foundation, Director of National Economic Research Institution


Winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics, main research direction: overall economics, monetary economics, time series

Marc Steiner

General Counsel, Plug and Play, Senior Vice President of Plug and Play China

Yanzhi Wang

Executive Director of the Silk Road Fund

Xitai Sheng

Founder of HONGTAI APLUS, President of Hongtai Capital Holdings.

JP Gan

Founding Partner of INCE Capital 

Yong Ning

Vice-President of the Export-Import Bank of China, Chairman of China-Eurasian Economic Cooperation Fund

Lin Xu

 Chairman of Sino US Green Cci Capital Ltd.

Richard Foster

Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Chairman of the Presidents’Club of National Academy of Sciences,United States Emeritus Director and Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company

Lei Zhang

Proposed General Manager of Hillhouse Capital Management, Ltd. 

Xiaoshu Liu

Chief Economist of Bank of Qingdao 

Yanjie Shen

Member of Executive Committee of Hongtai Group, Co-founder and Executive Director of Hongtai Wealth

Minhong Yu

Founder of HONGTAI APLUS, Founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group

Yunjie Zhou

President of Haier Group

Justin NIU

 Partner of IDG Capital

Xiaopeng Wu

General Manager of COFCO Funds

Steve Hoffman

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, founder of Founder Space,one of the world’s leading incubators and accelerators

Wenbo Xu,

Chairman and Founding Partner of  Broad Vision Funds, Managing Director of Everbright Sun Hung Kai

Weihe Zheng

Founding Partner and Chairman of Cowin Capital

Ji'an Fan,

Chief 5G Scientist of China Unicom

Li Du

Managing Director of Shenzhen Capital Group

Bing Xu

Co-founder of SenseTime Group Limited

Kai Yu

Founder& CEO of Horizon Robotics

Xiaobo Cui

Founder& CEO of Talking Data

Yuping Tian

Chairman of China Industrial Cooperative Association

Xuyang Zhang

Chairman of Everbright Wealth Management Co., Ltd.

Suyang Zhang

Founder Partner of Volcanic Stone Capital

Dagang Feng

President of 36 Krypton

Haitao Jin

Chief Executive Partner of Qianhai FOF, chairman of Qianhai Ark Assets Management Co.,Ltd., Chairman of Qingdao-Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association

Kun Qian

Partner of N5Capital

Jian Wu

Partner of Source Code Capital

Jerry Liang

Partner of China Creation Ventures (CCV)

Wei Zhou

Founder and Managing Partner of China Creation Ventures

Rong Guo

Managing Partner of Turbo Capital

Tian Zhao

Founder of 36 Krypton Foundation, Vice President of 36 Krypton Group

Changwen Liu

President of Haier HCH

Linjun Fu

Partner of Hongtai Aplus

Zhonghong Fu

Fortune Caizhi Partner

Brian Qiao

Managing Partner of Phoenixtree Capital

Zhiyong Wu

Founding Partner of FH Capital

Chaochen Liu

Managing Director and Senior Partner of ChinaEquity Group

Zhongyan Huo

Founding Partner of Hejing Capital

Qing Yang

Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus

Lei Yang

Managing Director of Northern Light Venture Capital

Ping Wang

Partner of Korea Investment Partners

Bin Wang

10 Fund - Founding Partner & Chairman

Guantai Ye

Partner of Qiming Venture Partners

Xinghua Fu

Managing Partner of Zero2IPO Group, and Zero2IPO's Fund of Funds (FOF) , General Manager of Zero2IPO Research Center

Haiyan Jin

Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus

Yimin Fang

Partner of Sinovation Ventures

Ding Jin

Partner of Richland Capital

Wenshu Tan

Partner of Amphora Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd.

Chen Wang

Senior Partner of Dinghuibaifu

Ming Xue

President of Shenzhen Information Industry Association

Chunyu Li

Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Shenzhen Private Equity Association

Haoran Deng

Vice President and Board Secretary of strategy of Shenzhen Intellifusion Technology Co., Ltd. 

Wenzheng Chen

President of Qianhai Ark Asset Management Co., Ltd.(MC)

Dongjun Ma

Managing Partner of Ceanpine Capital

Dong Liu

General Manager of Qingdao Haichuang New Drivers Investment

Feng Li

Founder partner of FreeS Fund

Anna Xu

Founding Partner of Hike Capital

Bo Liu

Partner of Crystal Stream Beijing Investment Consulting Co Ltd.

Jinjing Wang

Founder Partner of China Merchants Startup Capital

Ziquan Zhang

Partner of Jeneration Capital

Wing Hu

Managing Director of Gobi Partners China

Ji Cao

Managing Director of Haier Capital

Nan Song

Executive Director of Hongtai Aplus

Lei Mi

Partner of Zhongke Chuangxing

Han Zhang

Managing Partner of Red Dot China

Kun Qian

Partner of N5 Capital

Zhixiong Zhou

Founding Partner of Keytone Ventures

Peng Zhang

Deputy General Manager of CRRC Guochuang Fund, Deputy General Manager of CRRC Tongfang Fund

Chensong Li

Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus

Han Qiu

Partner and General Manager of Xingfu Investment

Bin Chen

President of Zhejiang Cybernaut

Zhengwu Tian

President of Weidong Group Industrial Fund of Funds Management Company

Kanbin Li

Deputy Director of the Issuance and Listing Service Center of Shanghai Stock Exchange, General Manager of Northern Region

Jidong Yang

Head of the Beijing Center of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Deputy Director of Zhongguancun Base

Lixin Gao

Founding Partner and President of Shanghai Jinpu Investment,  Chairman of Investment Decision Committee

Hao Li

Executive Partner of Junsan Capital

Haiyan Wu

Managing Partner of China Growth Capital Co Ltd

Yuhui Li

Founding Partner, Chairman of Panlin Capital

Mingming Huang

Founding Partner of Future Capital

Shaw Wang

Founding Partner of Unityvc

Yonglin Li

Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus

Grace Liu

President of Fosun RZ Capital

Haojun Li

Executive Director of GGV Jiyuan Capital

Jun Yang

Managing Partner of Grand Flight Investment

Zhanbin Dong

 Founding Partner of QingSong Fund

Shoubin Yang

Founder of Spright Industrial Capital

Junfeng Wang

Vice Chairman and President of Sino US Green Cci Capital Ltd.

James Jin

Managing Partner of Ventech China

Xiaobin Huang

Partner of Yicun Capital

Hao Zhang

Managing Director of Sky Sage Capital

Qian Chen

Managing Partner (Asia Pacific) at Briliance Ventures

Sitong You

Partner of Hongtai Aplus

Scott Bergquist

Managing Director and Head of Corporate Banking of SSVB

Jie He

General Manager of Line Ventures Greater China

Wei Guo

Managing Partner of UpHonest Capital

Zheng Wang

Partner of Cathay Capital

Vivian Zhang

Deputy Director of 36Kr Global

Ruqian Fan

Partner of Hongtai Aplus and Founder of Hongtai Shanhai Institute

Anne Guo

Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus and Vice General Manager of Hongtai Shanhai Institute


  1. Main venue

08:20-08:59Qingdao City Development and Venture Capital Center Construction Tour

09:00-09:05MCFanli Meng, Vice Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Committee and Mayor of Qingdao 

09:05-09:15Leader's OrationQiang Liu, Deputy Governor of Shandong Province

09:15-09:30Leader's OrationLei Hong,  Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice-Chairman of Asset Management Association of China (AMAC)

09:30-09:35Guest's OrationBo Que, Member of CPC Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

09:35-09:40Guest's OrationHui Li, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)

09:40-10:10Keynote SpeechQingxian Wang, Member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Committee

10:10-10:20First Year Anniversary Results and Outlook of Qingdao Science& Technology Innovation Fund

10:20-10:35Qingdao Key Venture Capital Partnership Signing

10:35-10:45The Industrial Internet Development Venture Capital Supporting Alliance Establishing and Awarding Ceremony

Sophie Liu, Anchor of CBN(China Business Network)

10:45-10:552020 Global Venture Capital Yearly White Paper  Release& Interpretation CeremonyYumeng Wu, Editorial Board Member of 2020 Global Venture Capital Yearly White Paper

10:55-11:15The Rendanheyi Model: Creating New Growth Engines for the IoT EraRuimin Zhang, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Haier Group.

11:15-11:35The Great Change and The Economic Development of ChinaGang Fan, Director of National Economic Research Institute, Vice Chairman of China Society of Economic System Reform, Former Member of Monetary Policy Committee, People’s Bank of China (the Central Bank)

11:35-11:55Financial Challenges and Opportunities-China and the World - 2020 and BeyondThomas J.Sargent, Nobel laureate in economics (2011), Professor of Economics, New York University

11:55-12:15Silicon Valley Innovation Ecosystem and Investment TrendsMarc Steiner, General Counsel, Plug and Play, Senior Vice President of Plug and Play China


  1. Main venue
  2. Online conference
  3. Release hall
  4. Promotion Hall
  5. Roadshow hall

13:30-13:50Financial support for high-quality development of the “Belt and Road”Yanzhi Wang, President of the Silk Road Fund

13:50-14:10"Black Swan" incident accelerates China to become a venture capital centerXitai Sheng, Founder of Hongtai Aplus, President of Hongtai Capital Holdings.

14:10-14:30Take the initiative to act as a help for Qingdao City to build "the world's industrial Internet capital"Shaoquan Guo, Chairman of Bank of Qingdao

14:30-14:50Investment Perspectives in The Field of Artificial IntelligenceJP Gan, Founding Partner of INCE Capital

14:50-15:10"Belt and Road" Investment Cooperation Opportunities and ChallengesYong Ning, Vice President of China Eximbank and Chairman of China-Eurasian Economic Cooperation Fund

15:10-15:40Venture Capital in Qingdao—The Demonstration Zone for CHINA-SCO

15:40-16:00Give play to the role of venture capital in promoting green transformation and developmentLin Xu, Chairman of Sino US Green Cci Capital Ltd.

16:00-16:20AI+investmentRichard Foster,Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Chairman of the Presidents’Club of National Academy of Sciences,United States
Emeritus Director and Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company

16:20-16:40Differentiation is the way for investment management companies to surviveLei Zhang, Proposed general manager of Xinghua Fund Management Company

16:40-17:00Building a new financial support system, creating the hub of global industrial internetXiaoshu Liu, the Chief economist, General manager of Research & Development Apartment of Bank of Qingdao

17:00-17:20Crossing the Enterprise life cycle, looking for a new continent——Do deterministic professional wealth managementYanjie Shen, Member of Executive Committee of Hongtai Group, Co-founder and Executive Director of Hongtai Wealth

13:30-14:10Online elite conference: How do investment institutions respond to “black swan” incidents such as coronavirus?Jian Wu, Partner of Source Code Capital
Jerry Liang, Partner of China Creation Ventures (CCV)
Rong Guo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Turbo Capital
TIan Zhao, founding partner of 36kr Fund and vice President of 36kr Group
Changwen Liu, General Manager of Haier HCH
Linjun Fu, Partner of Hongtai Aplus?(MC)


14:20-15:00Online elite conference: New technological innovation opportunities under the changing capital situationZhonghong Fu, Partner of Fortune Capital
Brian Qiao, founder and CEO of Phoenixtree Capital
Zhiyong Wu, founding partner of Fenghou Capital
Chaochen Liu,  Senior Partner of ChinaEquity Group
Zhongyan Huo, Founding Partner of Hejing Capital
Qing Yang, Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus?(MC)

14:20-15:00Online elite conference: New technological innovation opportunities under the changing capital situationLi Jiaqing, Managing Partner of Legend Capital
Fu Zhonghong, Partner of Fortune Caizhi
Qiao Jianhua, Managing Partner of Qingtong Capital
Wu Zhiyong, Founding Partner of FH Capital
Huo Zhongyan, Founding Partner of Hejing Capital
Yang Qing, Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus (MC)


15:10-15:50Online elite conference: ?Where are the opportunities for “AI + Industry” in the current context?Lei Yang, Managing Director of Northern Light Venture Capital 
Ping Wang, Partner of KIP capital
Bin Wang, Founding Partner& Chairman of 10Fund
Kuantai Yeh, Partner at Qiming Venture Partners
Xinghua Fu, Managing Partner of Zero2IPO Group, and Zero2IPO FOFs and General Manager of Zero2IPO Research Center
Haiyan Jin, Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus?(MC)


16:00-16:40 Online elite conference: Future new trends of the Industrial Internet driven by 5G+AIPeter Fang, Partner of Sinovation Ventures
Ding Jin, Partner of Richland Capital
Wenshu Tan, Partner of Amphora Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd.
Yanfeng Wang, General Manager of Sogou’s AI Interaction Department
Chen Wang, Senior Partner of Dinghuibaifu
Nan Song, Executive Director of Hongtai Aplus (MC)


16:50-17:50Shenzhen session: Discussion of venture capital in Qingdao and Shenzhen
The successful experience of development of venture capital institutions in Shenzhen, the experience of business startup and development in Qingdao, the future development ideas, the proposal of the venture capital institutions to present Qingdao as a hub of global industrial Internet Haizhou Huang, General Manager of Minmetals Securities Co., Ltd.
Ming Xue, President of Shenzhen Information Industry Association
Chunyu Li, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Shenzhen Association of Private Equity Fund
Haoran Deng, Vice President and Board Secretary of strategy of Shenzhen Intellifusion Technology Co., Ltd.
Wenzheng Chen, President of Qianhai Ark Asset Management Co., Ltd.(MC)


13:30-15:00Special topic on Qingdao to emerge as a hub of international industrial internet

15:00-17:00Special topic on the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Demonstration?Zone two-way investment cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative

17:10-17:50For Bank of Qingdao:To build a bank-enterprise-investment platform and integrate banks, enterprises and capital.

13:30-17:00Qingdao key technology project roadshow

13:30-14:00Shinan District promotion

14:05-14:35Shibei District promotion

15:10-15:40 Break

15:45-16:15 Licang District promotion

16:20-17:10 Laoshan District& Jinjialing financial accumulation area promotion

  1. Main venue
  2. Online conference
  3. Release hall
  4. Promotion Hall
  5. Roadshow hall

09:00-09:20Investment opportunities in the education sector after the pandemicMinhong Yu, Founder of Hongtai Aplus, Founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group

09:20-09:40Haier's open entrepreneurial ecology in the era of IoTYunjie Zhou, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and President at Haier Group

09:40-10:00AI helps the city's smart economy in New infrastructure eraBing Xu, Co-founder of SenseTime

10:00-10:20New opportunities of International cooperation in Chinese financial industry M. Antonello Piancastelli, Chairman of the Board of Yi Tsai

10:20-10:50Venture Capital in Qingdao—Qingdao Area of China(Shandong) Free Trade Zone

10:50-11:10Keynote SpeechSeize China's Digital Innovation Opportunities

11:10-11:30Keynote SpeechXiaopeng Wu, General Manager of COFCO Funds

11:30-11:50Creating International Innovation EcosystemsSteve Hoffman, Chairman & CEO of Founders Space, an angel investor, limited partner at August Capital, serial entrepreneur

11:50-12:10Challenges and opportunites facing invesment industry under the new normalWilliam Xu, Founding Partner and Chairman of  Broad Vision Funds

12:10-13:30A.I. Empowerment and a win-win futureYu Hu, co-founder, Rotating president, Head of Consumer Strategic Development Committee at iFLYTEK


09:00-09:40Online elite conference: Online layout of internet companies Dongjun Ma, Managing Partner of Oceanpine Capital
Dong Liu, General Manager of Haichuangqianfeng New Growth Drivers Fund of Funds
Feng Li, Founding Partner of FreesFund
Anna Xu, Founding Partner of HIKE Capital
Bo Liu, Partner of Crystal Stream Capital
Qing Yang, Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus(MC)


09:50-10:30Online elite conference: What’s the new industry ecosystem to deal with a new wave of information tide brought by IoT? Jinjing Wang, Managing Partner of China Merchants Startup Capital
Tony Zhang, Managing Partner of Jeneration Capital
Wing Hu, Partner of Gobi Partners
Gaonan Zhang, Managing Partner of Meridian Capital China
Nan Song, Executive Director of Hongtai Aplus(MC)

10:30-10:40  Break

10:40-11:20Online elite conference: Focus on new infrastructure investmentLei Mi, Founding Partner of Zhongke Chuangxing
David Yuan, Managing Partner of Redpoint China
Kun Qian, Partner of N5Capital
Zhixiong Zhou, Founder and Managing Partner of Keytone Ventures
Peng Zhang, Deputy General Manager of CRRC Guochuang Fund, Deputy General Manager of CRRC Tongfang Fund
Chensong Li, Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus(MC) 

11:20-11:30 Break

11:30-12:10Online elite conference: Opportunities and Challenges of the GEM Registration System Reform for the Venture Capital IndustryHan Qiu, Partner and General Manager and Board Director of Richen capital
Bin Chen, Founding Partner and President of Zhejiang Cybernaut
Kanbin Li, Deputy Director of the Issuance and Listing Service Center of Shanghai Stock Exchange, General Manager of Northern Region
Jidong Yang, Director of Zhongguancun Base, Beijing Center, Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Zhengwu Tian, president of industrial FoF management company of Weidong Group 
Lixin Gao, founding partner, President and chairman of the investment decision Committee of Shanghai GP Investment Management

12:10-13:30 Break

09:00-12:00Special topic on promotion of integration of Jinan-Qingdao-Yantai?International Investment Industrial Park& Jiaodong Economic Circle

09:00-12:00Convertible research results of university?and research institute at Qingdao roadshow

09:00-10:10 Chengyang District& High-tech Zone& Rail Transit Industry Demonstration Zone promotion

10:20-10:50 Break

10:55-11:25West coast new zone promotion

  1. Main venue
  2. Online conference
  3. Release hall
  4. Promotion Hall
  5. Roadshow hall

13:30-13:50Seeing Industrial Internet Investment Opportunities from COSMO-PlatWeihe Zheng, founder and chairman of the Cowin Group

13:50-14:10Industrial Internet Triggered by 5G Brings New Opportunities For Technological Development and InvestmentJi'an Fan, chief scientist of big data of China Unicom group, the chairman of industrial internet experts committee and the executive director of China Unicom Industry Internet BU.

14:10-14:30Venture Capital Trends and OpportunitiesLi Du, Managing Director of Shenzhen Capital Group

14:30-14:50Vehicle-level AI chip empowers the intelligent development of Chinese carsKai Yu, Founder& CEO of Horizon Robotics

14:50-15:10Data capabilities help companies surviveXiaobo Cui, Founder& CEO of TalkingData

15:10-15:40Venture Capital in Qingdao—Qingdao International Cruise Port Promotion

15:40-16:00China Industrial Cooperative Association Empowers Industrial Interconnected DevelopmentYuping Tian, Chairman of China Industrial Cooperative Association

16:00-16:20Bank wealth management and venture capitalXuyang Zhang, Chief Business Director of China Everbright Bank, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Everbright Wealth Management 

16:20-16:40Impact of technological innovation investment on new industriesSuyang Zhang, Founding Partner of Volcanics Venture

16:40-17:00New capital empowers new assets, opens up new economic development spaceDagang Feng, President of 36 Krypton

17:00-17:20Thoughts on investment in the post-pandemic periodHaitao Jin, Chief Executive Partner of Qianhai FOF, chairman of Qianhai Ark Assets Management Co.,Ltd., Chairman of Qingdao-Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association

17:20-17:302020 Qingdao Global Venture Capital Community Declaration

13:30-14:10Online elite conference:?Change and Rebirth: Digital Construction and Industrial Internet ?Hao Li,Executive Partner of Junsan Capital
Haiyan Wu, Managing Partner of China Growth Capital Co Ltd.
Yuhui Li, Founder of Panlin Capital
Mingming Huang, Founding Partner of Future Capital
Shaw Wang, Founding Partner of Unityvc
Yonglin Li, Managing Director of Hongtai Aplus(MC)


14:20-15:00Online elite conference: How to capture new opportunities during the second half of Internet development cycle?Grace Liu, CEO at Fosun RZ Capital
Haojun Li, Principal at GGV Capital
Jun Yang, Managing Partner of Grand Flight Investment
Zhanbin Dong, Founding Partner of QingSong Fund
Shoubin Yang, Founder of Spring Industrial Capital Group
Junfeng Wang, CEO and Vice-President of U.S.-China Green Fund(MC)


15:10-15:50Online elite conference: Future trend of venture capital under globalizationJames Jin, Managing Partner of Ventech China
Robin Huang, Co-partner& Executive General Manager of Healthcare M&A Department of V-capital
Qian Chen, Managing Partner (Asia Pacific) at Briliance Ventures
Hao Zhang, Managing Director of Sky Sage Capital
Sitong You, Partner of Hongtai Aplus(MC)


16:00-16:40Online elite conference: How to make sure winning out during overseas investment layout?Scott Bergquist, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Banking of SSVB
Jie He, Head of Investment of Line Ventures Greater China
Zheng Wang, Partner of Cathay Capital
Qian Chen, Managing Partner (Asia Pacific) at Briliance Ventures
Vivian Zhang, Deputy Director of 36Kr Global(MC)

13:30-17:00Qingdao Key Project Roadshow

13:30-14:20 Jimo District & Langu promotion

14:25-14:55 Jiaozhou city promotion

15:10-15:40 Break

15:45-16:15 Pingdu city promotion

16:20-16:50 Laixi city promotion


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